Lesson Program


Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:

The King Philip regional Music Program has long been recognized for excellence within the state, throughout the Northeast, as well as nationally in many different areas. Excellence is a product of hard work and a strong foundation of fundamentals. The music department is again implementing an after school lesson program for all instrumental students and vocal students enrolled in King Philip performing groups. Please read this letter carefully and complete the form below by Friday, September 16, 2016

Instrumental and vocal lessons for secondary school students are offered after the regular school day hours at King Philip Regional High School. All lessons are private. The collection of the lesson fee is coordinated through the high school music office. There are two payment periods during the course of the year. Period 1 payment covers lessons from October through the end of January. Period 2 payment covers lessons from February through the first full week of May. Payment plans can also be arranged with the KPMA. Lessons officially end the first week of May so that teachers and students can utilize the rest of the year to conduct make-up lessons as needed. Remember, your student’s teacher will contact you to begin lessons in October.


This year the King Philip School District is providing the funds for 14 lessons for any student signed up for honor credit. It is strongly suggested by the music program that students take the 28 lessons for the year to gain the same educational benefit of the private instruction as we have in the past.

Students Taking lessons to fulfill honors credit

Pay Period 1 (16 Lessons) Pay Period 2 (12 Lessons)
Half Hour $ 200.00 $ 150.00
45 Minute $ 400.00 $ 300.00
One Hour $ 600.00 $ 450.00


Students Taking lessons on their own

Pay Period 1 (16 Lessons) Pay Period 2 (12 Lessons)
Half Hour $ 400.00 $ 300.00
45 Minute $ 600.00 $ 450.00
One Hour $ 800.00 $ 600.00


Each student and teacher will be responsible for 28 lessons. Vacation time and the months of May and June are available for makes ups. Lessons will be forfeited unless the teacher is given 24 hours notice unless the cancellation is due to illness. Teachers will be responsible for scheduling any lessons that they cancel. Do not deduct any lessons missed as the teacher will work with you to make up lessons missed due to snow or cancellations with 24 hour notice.

Please do not use financial concerns as a single reason not to participate. The King Philip Music Association is available for financial assistance if needed. Any financial arrangements will be kept confidential. Please call me at my office at 508-384-1000 ext. 426 to discuss the matter or e-mail me at wolloffj@kingphilip.org. Payment schedules can be set up in the most convenient manner for you. Previous balances from past years need to be addressed before a lesson can be scheduled for this coming year.


Our teaching staff is exceptional and each child will receive expert instruction on their chosen instrument. All play or teach professionally throughout the Boston area. Scheduling will be done to accommodate as many students as possible. However, please note that the after school staff is not available every day and their hours working here are set by them.

The lesson program here at King Philip has long been the foundation of our students’ success both individually as well as in a group format. In order to continue the development on an instrument or voice, lessons are essential. Band class or chorus is not the place to learn how to play an instrument or use proper voice technique at the secondary level. Great musicianship and ensemble training are the key components of band and chorus. The opportunity to develop better technique and music reading skills are magnified by the growth and maturity of age. This is a critical time for all students to take advantage of this program.


Thank you for your continuing support of the King Philip Regional School District music program.


Sincerely yours
Joshua O. Wolloff
Music Director

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