King Philip Jazz I – Norwood Jazz Classic
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Our jazz program continues to offer a wide variety of experiences.   There are two jazz ensembles and two jazz combos at the high school with 7th and 8th grade jazz bands at the middle school.  All of these groups meet after school.

Jazz Ensemble I is directed by Mr. Wolloff and is a select group of students who earn placement through an audition process.  This group meets twice a week and prepares a varied repertoire for a number of competitive arenas and performance throughout the season. They prepare a tape for the Essentially Ellington program each year and have been successful 3 times, heading to the Lincoln Center in New York City competing against the best High School Jazz bands in the country.

Jazz Ensemble II directed by Mr Peter Twiraga at the high school.  This group is open to both high school and middle school students and develops techniques for playing swing.  For many, it is this group that is the springboard to Jazz Ensemble I.


Both ensembles enter the Massachusetts Association of Jazz Educators (MAJE) South East District festival, at Stoughton each year, and if  they are awarded a gold medal, they are eligible to enter the MAJE State Finals. Any gold medal finalists from this competition are given the honor to perform at the “Hatch Shell” in Boston, usually sometime in May

The jazz combo program  is directed by Peter Levesque. They spend the season learning and honing their improvisational techniques. These talents were then exhibited at the annual Jazz Cafe held in June, a relaxed informal affair for all to enjoy

The King Philip Jazz program is committed to the understanding of America’s true music.  Its roots and its great swing demand a music style that must be internalized through listening to, as well as performing it.  There is no happier feeling than the feeling of swing.  When it swings inside of you, one’s commitment to the music will be complete.

King Philip Jazz II. Bridgewater State 2013

Potential Jazz Performances throughout the year:

Jazz I and Jazz II                       Winter Preview Show                           February

Jazz I                                        Norwood Jazz Classic                           February

Jazz I and Jazz II           MAJE South East Districts – Stoughton             March

District Gold Medalists             MAJE State Finals                                    March

State Gold Medalists                Hatch Shell Boston                                   May

All Jazz groups                        Jazz night                                                  May

Jazz I and Jazz II                     Spring Pops                                               May

Jazz I                                        Norfolk Community Day                           June

Jazz Combos                           Jazz Café                                                 June

Jazz I                                        Wrentham Concert on the Common        June