Color Guard

Welcome to the 2017 winter color guard season. We are all very excited to continue the tradition of excellence that King Philip color guard is so well known for. This year’s program plan will move us into a more modern musical feel while maintaining the sophistication that is uniquely KP.  The staff consists of familiar faces. Our goal is to afford the members the opportunity to achieve success as a TEAM thru hard work and dedication in an atmosphere that is both nurturing and creative.  In this packet you will find:

  1. List of staff members and contact info
  2. Guidelines for communicating information
  3. Rules and regulations for all members
  4. Schedule of all practices and competitions
  5. Information for the 2017 production
  6. Sketches of uniforms and flag silks

Staff for winter guard 2016

Lennie Machado – Director/Choreographer- Lennie has been teaching throughout the country for the past 20 plus years.  He began marching at three years old and has continued in pageantry arts ever since. He is the designer/caption head for 10 organizations including The Spartans drum corps.  He has won several local regional and national championships including 15 World Championship Medals.

 Ed Devlin – Designer – Mr Devlin needs no introduction at KP. He has been on Staff for 30 years. He is the program coordinator for the Crossmen Drum Corps from San Antonio, Texas as well as the director of Blessed Sacrament color guards, the longest consecutive WGI World Class Finalist in the history of color guard. Aside from this he serves as the President of Winter Guard International. His achievements are unprecedented and we are beyond fortunate to have him on our team.

 Erin Brady – Erin is a very Familiar face around KP. She is a 2013 graduate and 5  year color guard member. Erin Has marched at the Spartans for 7 seasons and won the color guard trophy for DCI Open class 4 of those seasons She has also marched At St Brendan’s where she made World Championship Finals four 4 consecutive  seasons.

Casey Saitow – Casey is a newcomer to King Philip but certainly not to our activity. He has marched for Pentucket Regional High School earning 3 NESBA Championshps. He can also be seen as a member of St Brendan’s 2016 cast and as a member of the Spartans since 2013. He is currently a member of Blessed Sacrament 2017 World Guard.

Mr. Wolloff – Band Director. I am pretty certain there is no need for a description or resume of this guy. Lets just say he is the Boss!!!

Contact List for the Staff:

 Lennie –         

 Erin –              

 Casey –            

 Mr Wolloff  –

 Guidelines for communicating information

 Please understand that the staff is very dedicated and wants to help in any way possible. However, there are some times limits to what we can do. Please feel free to speak with Lennie  before or after practice in person.  If you are unable to meet in person at these times we are all available at the e-mail addresses listed above.  For basic information or questions about scheduling Lennie is the guard director and will be the go to person. If for some reason a member will be late or absent from a rehearsal please email Erin or Lennie  prior to the start of rehearsal. We have  access to our email 24/7 and will respond and acknowledge ASAP.

 In the event that there is a conflict or situation which requires additional attention please contact Mr Wolloff. He is the administrator assigned by the school and ultimately the person in charge.

 We have a very educated staff of people who will be working hard to help the members grow and achieve success. While I understand that temptation will be there we ask that the instruction be left to the staff, as they are the ones trained to do so.

Questions regarding Parental volunteers and assistance can be directed to Nancy Osiensky at or Barbara Snead at



     1. Respect everyone. Staff, members, parents and everyone we come in contact with as the KPRHS color guard.


  1. Rehearsals are not optional. This is a team sport and the absence of one member affects the entire group.


  1. Safety comes first. This means jewelry CAN NOT be worn during practices or performances unless an assigned part of the uniform. In the event of a new piercing or any that cannot be removed it must be covered to avoid any chance of injury.


  1. Rehearsal attire is all black. Dance clothing or comparable comfortable wear is appropriate.


  1. Cell phones are to remain off during practice. Please note silent mode is not off. In the event of an emergency please let the staff know and we will allow you to keep your phone at the front and on.


  1. At all competitions cell phones will be collected by a staff member or chaperone so that they remain safe from vandals or thieves.


  1. Appearance for performances will be determined by staff. This is a performing art and costumes and makeup must be as close to identical as possible. If you require special considerations please let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate that.


  1. HAVE FUN…… we understand that you give up several hours a week to do this and we want this to be a positive experience for all


 KPRHS 2016 Production



Our 2017 production is Fly to Paradise by Eric Whitaacre. We will explore flight and heavenly bodies throughout the production. The stage will be set to look like a cloud. Rounded props and “ramps” to create levels and changes in height. The choreography will create a sense of weightlessness and serenity. Our goal will be to transport the audience to a place where everyone feels safe and peaceful… their own personal PARADISE!!!