About Us

The King Philip Music Association (KPMA) is a non-profit organization affiliated with the King Philip Regional School District (Norfolk, Plainville & Wrentham). KPMA has been in existence since 1984. Our mission is to create, organize and execute programs that allow us to raise funds to promote high quality music education for every student within the district.

KPMA advocates music education through a variety of efforts. We believe that music is a very basic element to the human experience. The study of music allows for the development of aesthetic sensitivity, self-expression and creativity. Through participation, it builds self-discipline, self-reliance and a strong sense of teamwork. By encouraging these values, music helps to build community, preserve and honor cultural heritages, and celebrate life.

The goals of the King Philip Music Association are to:

1. Support the quality of music teaching and learning.
2. Support high quality music experiences for students.
3. Communicate the value and importance of music and music education.
4. Maintain a vital, effective and efficient organization.
5. Be a model non-profit organization for supporting music education statewide.


Executive Board

President:  Barbara Snead

Vice President:  Debbie Webster

Secretary:  Chris Ann Gibney

Treasurer: Karen Wolf

Past President:  Diane Sepe

Public Relations: Jeff Nickerson

 Member at Large/Major Events: Sharon Bannon

 Member at Large/Donations and PR: Maureen Cappuccino

Middle School Representative: Lisa Noke

 Middle School Representative: Kelly White

Webmaster:  Rochelle van den Boogaard

Stadium:Shelly Hall